Jan. 2015 update: see the launch trailer and learn more at EarthPrimer.com.

So, IndieCade happened, and we (we being my project & me, I suppose) were lucky enough to be selected for inclusion in the festival! I made two videos for the festival that I’d like to share. First, a trailer so you can finally see the book in action:

Second, an awkwardly candid video of me talking about the project:

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend IndieCade this year. I’ve never been, and it’s supposed to be one of the coolest game developer events in the world! Last year I randomly ran into Scott Jon Siegel hiking around Marin during IndieCade, and a flurry of tweets about the ongoing event made us both regret our decision not to attend. This year I decided to go, and agreed to be on a panel—before having even thought of submitting this project—but then had to withdraw because I found out that IndieCade was scheduled over top of Yom Kippur. Someday I’ll go!

Jan. 2015 update: see the launch trailer and learn more at EarthPrimer.com. You can learn more about the project’s origins over here.


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