I am available for design consulting.

As a freelance consultant, I’ve done design reviews, brainstorming & design, product pitch development, and product redesign for clients.

My expertise includes usability + interface design, touch + feel, prototyping, game design, experience design, and player creativity (aka user generated content) tools. My background in software engineering, visual design fluency, graduate level training in interactive design, and years of design experience in the game industry make me a versatile fit, able to communicate with and function in a variety of roles.

I can provide creative direction, champion user experience, plan and direct prototyping development, perform research, and conduct design reviews of your prototypes, products, and design process. We can also review and analyze your competitors’ products. I can act as a mentor, transferring design skills to your staff, by acting as a sounding board, offering guidance, critiques, answering questions, and directing them to appropriate research and example work.

For more information, email Chaim Gingold at cg [at] levitylab.com.


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